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Kenstar Cl 9704-c Turbocool Dx - 40 Litres Air Cooler (with Remote)
Kenstar Cl 9704-c Turbocool Dx - 40 Litres Air Cooler (with Remote)
Tank Capacity (Litres) : 40 | Comes with a remote, 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty, Three speed control settings,

The hot and humid summer can be a terrible and trying time for all of us. The heat just does not seem willing to leave us alone for a second, even following us indoors. However, the Kenstar CL 9704-C TurboCool Dx – 40 l air cooler promises to change these trying times into a truly memorable and pleasant experience. Brought to you by one of the most renowned brands in the field of air-conditioning and cooling solutions, Kenstar, this air cooler is the perfect answer for all your cooling requirements – both at your home and in your office. It has all the latest technological advancements in the field of air conditioning, and comes equipped with new advanced features that can transform your surroundings and help you beat the unbearable and tiring heat. You can buy the Kenstar CL 9704-C TurboCool Dx - 40 l Air Cooler today at Amazon for the most reasonable prices.

Cooling Capacity

The cooler is well suited for dry heat conditions, and can transform your life and enhance your productivity even when the temperature outside is too high to even think about comfort. It delivers 2450 cubic meters of cool air every hour to transform your surroundings.

Engineering Grade Plastic Blower

The Kenstar CL 9704-C TurboCool Dx - 40 l air cooler comes equipped with high performance fans that ensure that cool air is circulated all around. It transforms your otherwise hot surroundings into the perfect scenario, similar to a visit to the hill-stations.

Speed Control
The Kenstar CL 9704-C TurboCool Dx - 40 Litres air cooler comes equipped with three speed control settings. You can use it to control the airflow speed on your cooler and get the perfect settings that are right for all your cooling needs.

Kenstar 12 Ltrs Personal Air Cooler (white)
Kenstar 12 Ltrs Personal Air Cooler (white)
Cooler Type : Personal Cooler, Body : ABSAlways allow for CROSS-VENTILATION in your area/room, else cooler won't work effectively, Tank Capacity (Litres) : 12, Speed Settings : 3,

Take a look at the wide range of personal coolers available on Amazon and opt for this Kenstar personal cooler at a pocket-friendly price. This efficient yet stylish personal cooler, has a capacity to hold up to 12 litres of water. The personal cooler consumes very little power, thereby making it energy-efficient as well as eco-friendly. However, the cooler still provides optimum cooling.   Cooling Capacity:- Kenstar Personal Cooler has the capacity to cool large rooms. The advantage of using this personal cooler is that not only is it energy-efficient but also cools the room efficiently. Apart from this, in case of a power failure, the personal cooler's natural convention can transfer air. Speed Control:- This cooler from the house Kenstar comes with three different speed controls that allow you to control the temperature according to your comfort.

Cooling Media:
The cooling media used by this air cooler is a layer honeycomb pad. The honeycomb media consists of thick cooling pads that are glued together in a shape of a honeycomb. The advantage of this cooling medium is that the unique design allows for a low pressure drop across the pad while achieving a high cooling efficiency. The pad is designed to be self-cleaning and will retain its rigid structure when exposed to water making it extremely durable. Louver Movement:
The cooler's louvers are motorised and they move vertically. Other Important Features The cooler is made of fine quality ABS, making the cooler rust-free and easy to maintain as well as clean. It is lightweight and the four castor wheels allow you to move it from one room to another with ease.

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