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Microtek 800va Ups
Microtek 800va Ups
800 VA (Double battery), Over Voltage Protection, Back up 25-50min (Approx), Automatic Voltage Regulation, Fuse Protection / Pulse to Pulse Electronic active Protection,

It is extremely frustrating when you find your desktop computer suddenly switching off while you are in the middle of your presentation. If the machine shuts off as soon as there is a power-cut then it becomes very difficult for the users to complete the presentation. So, if you want your desktop computer to work smoothly and effectively, then try out the Microtek 800VA UPS. This Uninterruptible Power Supply device offers excellent back-up power to devices like computers. It is connected to the devices so that when there is a power cut, the system will keep the computer turned on for some time so that the users can complete and save the task they were working on and shut the machine quickly. In short, it helps to make use of the devices uninterruptedly.

Why opt for this UPS device?

This uniquely designed UPS is meticulously endowed with all the necessary features that an effective UPS must be integrated with. Used with the desktop computer, this device gives the users ample time to save data in the required format and close the programmes so that machine can be shut down perfectly, during power cuts. This double battery 800 VA UPS ensures Automatic Voltage Regulation and Over Voltage Protection which helps you to keep the machine on during voltage fluctuations. This system includes a 12V battery which can support one desktop computer and assures a back up of around 25-50 minutes. It also ensures fuse protection. The recharging time of this Microtek UPS ranges from 2-8 hours.

If you want to make sure that your computer works uninterruptedly, then you should opt for this UPS. You can now buy Microtek UPS online. It is the best way to purchase electronic devices from the comfort of your own home. Go ahead and get this product today.

Key Features

  • 25-50 minutes back-up time
  • 2-8 hours recharging time
  • Superior performance

Microtek 1000va Ups
Microtek 1000va Ups
40-50 min (for 1pc), Boost function for Low Input, Over Voltage Protection, Extended Input Voltage Range of 135 to 300 volts, UPS to Battery Backup mode like most other UPS.,


Protect your desktop computer and peripherals from electrical surges, voltage fluctuations and short circuits with the Microtek 1000VA UPS. When there is an overload issue or a short circuit while this 1000VA UPS is in the backup mode, it automatically deactivates the power output to your system to keep it safe. This unique protection mode of the UPS is temporary and lasts only till the moment when the normal voltage range is recovered once again. The 1000AV UPS also features fuse protection and noise filter to give you some additional benefits.

Optimal Voltage Output

The 1000VA UPS allows an impressively stable power output of 230 V to be able to safeguard two of your computers simultaneously. The device can work well for a versatile range of voltage input between 135 to 300 V so that no matter whether the voltage supply is low or high, the power output to your PC does not suffer any lag anytime. Even extreme humidity or temperature conditions would never be a problem for the 1000VA UPS that can operate between 0 to 90% relative humidity and 0° to 48° Celsius temperature range.

Long Back-Up Support

Your desktop computer will not shut down very soon when there is a power cut. The 1000VA UPS allows a single PC to run on for long 40-50 minutes after a power termination giving you sufficient time to finish up with a particular program, close all the open files, save your data and do other important things. The average recharging span of this UPS is 2-8 hours in which it gets sufficiently powered up to give back-up support to your PC(s). Moreover, the included electronic protection circuit of the batteries in the 1000VA UPS checks any overcharging/discharging of this built-in battery keeping it up and running for long as well as preventing damage.

Microtek Digital Ups E²+715 Va Inverter By Goyal Sales Corporation
Microtek Digital Ups E²+715 Va Inverter By Goyal Sales Corporation
Micro Controller Based Intelligent Control Design., LED Display Indications for UPS Status and Fault, CCCV Technology with Auto Trickle Mode, Smart Overload Sense and Short Circuit Protection, Due to the difference between different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item. We guarantee the style is the same as shown in the pictures.,

Microtek UPS-E²+ Series are Super Energy Efficient UPS with > 87 % Efficiency. It also comes with Intelligent feature of Battery Water Level Indicator, which ensures timely topping of water in the Battery. Designed using Latest state-of-the art Technology. It comes with many Smart features, Display Status, Fault conditions and Battery Voltage Selection Switch . The UPS operates from Standard Voltage range from 100 V~ 300 V and Narrow Voltage range from 180 V ~ 260 V for running computers and sensitive appliances.

• Rated Capacity: 715 VA / 12V
• Output Power: 572 Watts
• Battery: 1 Battery System (12 VDC)
• Waveform: TPZi Waveform
• Warranty: 2 Years

Key features

• Battery State Monitoring
• Multi Stage Battery Charger
• Mains Input Voltage Range Slide Selection Switch
• Battery Slide Selection Switch (Local/Flat/Tubular)



Technical Specifications

• Input Voltage (Standard range): 100 V ~ 300 V
• Input Voltage (Narrow range): 180V ~ 260 V

• Output Voltage (Mains Mode): Same as Input
• Output Voltage (UPS Mode): 200V~ 230V ± 10%
• Output Waveform (Mains Mode): Same as Input
• Output Waveform (UPS Mode): TPZi Waveform (Trape Zoidal Waveform)

• Switchover from Mains to UPS and UPS to Mains: Automatic
• UPS Transfer Time: ? 15 msec.

• Design: Micro Controller Based Design
• Battery Charging Current: 10% of the rated Battery Current in AH
• UPS Overload / UPS Short-circuit: 110% / 300%
• Browns on Mains Voltage: 100V ± 40V
• Efficiency (Battery Mode): > 87%
• Auto Reset Feature: Yes
• Input DC Range: 10.5 V ~ 14.2 V

Microtek 875va E2 Sinewave Ups Inverter
Microtek 875va E2 Sinewave Ups Inverter
MICROTEK - E² ENERGY SAVER RANGE OF PRODUCTS. MICRO CONTROLLER / DSP BASED ENERGY EFFICIENT SINEWAVE UPS SWE² are designed using latest Energy Efficient state-of-the-art Technology for Better Performance and High Reliability. The Energy Efficient Sinewave Technology used enhances the life of the battery and minimum effort has to be put for maintenance., MICRO-CONTROLLER / DSP BASED Intelligent Control Design., Microtek E2 products use Hi-Grade Low Watt Loss Silicon Steel Core in Transformers with a Watt Loss of approx 3.6W to 4W, whereas the other manufacturers are using core having Watt loss of approx 7W to 10W. Thereby Other products have additional power consumption equivalent to 15W to 35W per hour continuously from 625 to 1550 respectively., In Microtek you save on this Watt loss, and in terms of Money, it leads to a saving of Rs 60/- to Rs 140/- per month for the end user for 625 to 1550 respectively, For Correct fitment, Pls visit,


MICRO-CONTROLLER BASED Intelligent Control Design Highly Efficient Transformer Minimum Energy loss while conversion from DC to ACDisplay Indications (Status & Fault) CCCV Technology with Auto Trickle ModeSmart Overload Sense and Short Circuit ProtectionBattery State MonitoringEasily ServiceableMulti Stage Digital Battery Charger Mains Input Voltage Range Selection.

Microtek E2 Technical Specifications:

Input Voltage : 100V~300V (Wide input voltage range) 180V~260V (Normal input voltage range)
Output Voltage on Mains Mode : Same as Input
Output Voltage on UPS Mode : 210V ± 5%
Output frequency on UPS Mode : 50 Hz ± 0.1 Hz
Switching from Mains to UPS and from UPS to Mains : Automatic
Output Waveform on Mains Mode : Same as Input Output Waveform on UPS Mode : PURE SINE WAVE
Battery Charging Current : Constant Charging Approx 10% of The Rated Battery Current in AH
Charger : Power Factor Controlled Boost Technology
Efficiency : > 83%
UPS Overload : 120%
UPS Short Circuit : 300%
UPS Transfer Time : ≤ 15 msec.
Browns out Mains Voltage : 100V ± 40V
Auto Reset Feature : Yes

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