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V-guard Vwi 400 (130-280v) Voltage Stabilizer For Ac Upto 1.5 Ton
V-guard Vwi 400 (130-280v) Voltage Stabilizer For Ac Upto 1.5 Ton
Intelligent Time Delay System, Working range-130V to 280V- Maximum output up to 240V, Compatible with Regular & Inverter ACs, Low & High Voltage Cut-off Protection, Wall Mounting Cabinet Design/ Warranty- 3 Years,

Intelligent Time Delay System - Protects the compressor in the air conditioners from adverse effects of frequent power failure and erratic voltage fluctuation by providing proper balancing time; thus ensuring longer life of the air conditioners Low & High Voltage Cut-off Protection - Isolates the air conditioner from potentially hazardous voltages that can permanently damage the device Latest IC Technology - The on-board high speed micro-controller continuously monitors the input voltage and acts instantly during fluctuating input voltages and stabilizes the output voltage by controlling regulating section while on load Built In Thermal Overload Protection - Dedicated sensors protects the stabilizer and air conditioners from high temperature burnout during overload conditions Wall Mounting Cabinet Design - Attractive cabinet that perfectly blends with house interiors, stylish new display and easy to install Smart Display - Digital seven segment display that shows real time Input and output voltage level and working conditions Energy efficient design - V-Guard has always implemented stringent quality control measures to ensure optimum output. Our products and processes are of the highest quality and are designed to be energy efficient

V-guard Vwr-400 Voltage Stabilizer For Ac Upto 1.5 Ton (130v-300v)
V-guard Vwr-400 Voltage Stabilizer For Ac Upto 1.5 Ton (130v-300v)
Intelligent Time Delay System - Gives the compressor proper balancing time during frequent power failures, Low & High Voltage Cut-off Protection - Protects connected equipment from potentially dangerous voltages., Latest IC Technology - Assures reliable protection., Built-In Thermal Overload Protection - Protects the stabilizer and compressors from high temperature burnout., Warranty - 3 years.,

GENERAL Brand:V Guard Model Name: VWR400 Type:Voltage Stabilizer Compatible Devices:Air Conditioners POWER FEATURES Minimum Input Power:130 V Maximum Input Power:280 V V-Guard is a leader in its segment for decades.Voltage Stabilizers safeguarding household appliances from voltage fluctuations with its superior performance and design.People have always trusted V-Guard VWR 400 Voltage Stabilizer for the safety of their Air Conditioners & suitable for capacity 1.5 Ton. Apart from the common functions performed by an ordinary stabilizer, V-Guard VWR 400 Voltage Stabilizer comes loaded with wonderful functions that include auto restart, Inteligent Time Delay System ,high voltage cut-off protection, etc. The buit-in thermal overload protection keeps the stabilizer as well as the connected appliance safe from high temperature burnout whereas the fail safe circuit protection cuts off power supply to connected equipment in case of component failure.V-Guard VWR 400 Voltage Stabilizers come in metal body, sleek design cabinet to go with the elegant interior of your home. Features Intelligent Time Delay System - gives the compressor proper balancing time in power cuts.Low & High Voltage Cut-off Protection - protects connected equipment from potentially dangerous voltage flows. Latest IC Technology - assures reliable protection. Built In Thermal Overload Protection - Protects the stabilizer and compressors during high temperature burnout.

V-guard Mini Crystal With 3 Pin Socket Voltage Stabilizer Television For One Lcd/led Tv Upto 32 Inch + Dvd/dth
V-guard Mini Crystal With 3 Pin Socket Voltage Stabilizer Television For One Lcd/led Tv Upto 32 Inch + Dvd/dth
Compatible Devices- Television up to 32 inch and DVD, DTH, High voltage cut off, Mains turn - on delay, Built-In Thermal Overload Protection, Wall and Floor Mount, 3 Years V-Guard India Domestic Warranty,

Easy way of protection Do you worry about the performance of your TV against high voltages? Well, now you can breathe a sigh of relief as you can protect your TV set, DTH and DVD players from power surges and voltage fluctuations using the V Guard Mini Crystal voltage stabilizer. It guards devices from voltage spikes and provides line protection. It is compatible with your generators and has in-built thermal protection. Compatibility quotient This voltage stabilizer is compatible with a wide range of devices adding to your convenience. It not only protects televisions up to 32 inches, but safeguards DVD players and DTH set top boxes as well. Wide range of useful features The V Guard Mini Crystal Voltage Stabilizer has various features that make it an ideal pick. It has Output voltage correction that makes it perform in a wide range of input values without any issue. It uses primary switching capability. You can easily mount it on your wall or floor. It also offers air conditioning balance time with intelligent time delay, whenever required. Efficient and reliable V Guard stabilizer can be an ideal, efficient and reliable solution if you are facing problem of power outages constantly. It is durable and long lasting as it is made with ABS construction. It can easily stabilize the voltage up to 1.3 Amps and the voltage can vary from 90 to 290 V. It protects your television from fluctuating voltage by correcting the voltage. Other important features The V Guard voltage stabilizer has a 290 V input high voltage cut off value. Other noteworthy features include the mains turn-on delay and its ability to perform in a wider input voltage range. The facet of under and over volt protection further adds a sense of safety to this effective voltage stabilizer. It also corrects the output voltage.

V-guard Vg 400 Voltage Stabilizer For Upto 1.5 Ton Ac (170-270 V) (grey)
V-guard Vg 400 Voltage Stabilizer For Upto 1.5 Ton Ac (170-270 V) (grey)
Suitable for 1 Air conditioner up to 1.5 Ton, not suitable for products except AC, Operating Voltage range (Input): 170-270 volts, the product will cut-off outside this voltage range., In case of any product issues, contact V Guard customer care toll free number: 1800 3000 1800, V Guard is currently undergoing brand logo change for its products. Please check that the product matches with either of the shown product images, Built in thermal overload protection and protects the stabilizer, Initial time delay system, Low and High voltage cut-off protection, 3 years warranty on product, Package Contents: 1-Piece Stabilizer (Material:ABS), Item Dimension: 328mm x 216mm x 152mm,

Smart and intelligent Voltage stabilizer

Your air-conditioner can protect you from the summer heat but who will protect the air-conditioner from the power fluctuations and sudden power outages? Presenting the V-Guard Voltage Stabilizer, that can protect your AC from such day to day power glitches. Keeping such appliance like air-conditioner or refrigerator protected from power fluctuations also make them durable for a longer time. The VG 400 is built with superior IC technology to give your appliances an advanced protection. The Intelligent Time Delay system technology helps the compressor garner proper balancing time when there are frequent power outages. The frequent voltage fluctuations can cause major damage to your appliances. The VG 400 has a Low & High Voltage Cut off Protection which protects your appliances from dangers of sudden upsurge or exceedingly low voltages.

Advanced Technology for Protection

The V-Guard VG 400 is powered by advanced technology to match with your highly sensitive and efficient appliances and enhance their productivity. In case of a high temperature burnout, the VG 400 is loaded with an in-built Thermal Overload Protection that protects the appliances from such travesties. The VG 400 is made of ABS material that is durable and lasts a long time. It can be mounted on wall for your convenience. It works in a range of 170 V to 270 V. So now you can go on with your daily routine peacefully and rely on the V-Guard Voltage Stabilizer VG 400 to keep your appliance safe from uncertainties of power outages and fluctuations.

Note: The appearance (logo) of the product may vary based on the production batch, but the features remains the same.

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