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hager EE804 - 360° MOvement Detector (Surface Mounted) Wired Sensor Security System
hager EE804 - 360° MOvement Detector (Surface Mounted) Wired Sensor Security System
Description:Single lens, 360°, 6m dia detection10A AC 1, 1 channel, surface mountedsurface mounting, IP21Characteristics:230 V 50 Hz1 NO contact, 10A AC1Lux: 5 to 1000 luxTime delay: 5s to 15 mins.They are particularly intended for use in interior traffic areas such as corridors, entrance halls...Energy savingIn the world of power shortage and ever rising energy cost, control over energyexpenditure is a critical factor. The presence / movement detector has ability to switch ON thelights or other connected electrical loads as soon as presence / motion or detected. Theconnected loads are turned off after a time delay once no presence is detected. Thus it greatlycontributes in reducing energy consumption.ComfortAs soon as presence/ motion is detected in the area of supervision, the presence /movement detector checks for the light lux level. If the brightness is less than the set lux level,the connected electrical lights are switched ON so as to increase the brightness. This automaticoperation of lights ensures comfortable and hastlefree ON/OFF operation. All without anymanual intervention !SafetyThe presence detector can be coupled with intrusion alarm as load. In case of intrusion,the alarm gets triggered and helps timely detection of intrusion. The presence / movementdetector thus helps in safety of the establishment.ApplicationsGarage Underground car parkingAutomatic lighting drive way, garage Lights get switch on automatically asdoor when vehicle approaches and vehicles or person approach. Lights are switchedswitch off light after preset time delay. Off after specified time delay upon detection ofno movement / presence.Office, CorridorAs soon presence is detected, lights get switched ON.Lights remain on till presence or minute movementsare sensed. The connected lights automatically areturned off after specified time delay and upon absence. 18 ft Detection Range 6 m Max Alarm Distance Drilling
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