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Buyerzone Portable Car Thermometric Cooler/warmer Electric Fridge Travel Refrigerator (6l)
Buyerzone Portable Car Thermometric Cooler/warmer Electric Fridge Travel Refrigerator (6l)
Cooling Capacity: 59-77℉ lower than the external temperature without ice. Heating Capacity: Up to 131-149 ℉, 6 advantages: Eco-friendly, energy saving, long service life, non-pollution, low noise, semiconductor refrigeration system, Safety: 4 anti-slip foot pads on the bottom. Designed to fit in the back seat of your car, Convenient to put in or take out stuffs by opening the top cover. Light weight and come with a strap, can be carried on the shoulde, BEST FOR SUMMERS,

Please Note: 1. 6L is mini and portable, which Interior Dimension: 8.27*7.68*5.59 inch 2. This fridge is made by semiconductor, which can be cooling and heating, but its cooling effect is not as the same as the home-use fridge (which is compression refrigerator) 3.To prevent water overflowing and damaging the device, pls do not put the ice cubes or ice packs into the refrigerator directly, advice put the ice into a bottle, just make it packaged 4. If the car engine stop working for a long time, please do not use the refrigerator for long time, otherwise the battery will be damaged or cause battery wastage 5. If replace fuse, please make sure use the same model with same specs of fuse or else it may well not work normally or cause fire 6. Please make sure the power plug is clean and in good condition. Before remove the power plug, please turn off power button 7. Better to put some ice into refrigerator when cooling Specifications: Material: ABS & electronic component Exterior Dimension: 9.69*9.25*6.3inch Interior Dimension: 8.27*7.68*5.59inch Adjustable Strap: Length 47.25inch Cup Slot Depth: 0.71inch Strip Length: 51.18inch Power Cable: 76.38inch Net Weight: 3.1 lb (1.45kg) Input Voltage: DC 12V Built-in Fuse: 10A Capacity: 6L Application: 1. For car travel / taxi driver / Automobiles 2. For fresh milk / fruits / vegetables / meat 3. For banquet / picnic / camping 4. For refrigerated cosmetics Package Contents: 1 x 6L Cooler&Warmer Car Refrigerator 1 x Car charger 1x User Manual 1 x Strap

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