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Lg 6.2 Kg Fully-automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (t72cmg22p, Marine Blue / Cool Grey)
Lg 6.2 Kg Fully-automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (t72cmg22p, Marine Blue / Cool Grey)
Top-loading washing machine, Warranty: 2 years on product and 10 years on motor, Punch plus 3 pulsator, transparent window, 10 water level selection, Program: Fuzzy, wool, quick wash and blanket; Special program: Extra rinse, tub clean, silent and favorite; Temperature selection: Cold; Water inlet: Cold, Powerful washing with multi water flow, turbo drum, waterfall circulation and smart filter,

This LG washing machine deploys a unique waterfall circulation effect that provides better circulation of water along with evenly distributed strong washing currents. This allows the detergent to dissolve evenly in the water for an efficient wash cycle. During rinsing, the water gets to reach all the threads of the clothes, cleaning them of all the soap thoroughly.

Punch pulsator for a better quality wash: The Punch+3 Pulsator works by pushing the detergent-rich water deeper into each and every fibre of the clothes. The micro-currents generated by the three mini-pulsator technology give a better quality wash every time it is used.

Wash is done in three steps: This washing machine cleans up in three different steps that result in reduced tangling of the clothes along with an efficient yet economical wash.

Turbo drum technology: Thanks to the Turbo Drum Technology, the drum of the washing machine rotates in two directions that reduce the wear-and-tear of the clothes during a wash cycle. Besides, such a movement has the drum move about in opposite direction to the pulsator which makes for a rich wash every time.

Smart filter for hygienic wash: The washing machine comes with a smart Anti-bacterial Plastic Filter that is durable and extremely easy to use. This filter helps to maintain the hygiene of wash cycle.

Stainless steel odourless tub: This washing machine has got an innovative stainless steel tub instead of a plastic one. A metal tub not only increases the longevity of the machine but also keeps stains and bad odour at bay even after prolonged usage.

Lg F80e3ndl2 Fully-automatic Front-loading Washing Machine (6 Kg, White)
Lg F80e3ndl2 Fully-automatic Front-loading Washing Machine (6 Kg, White)
Front-loading washing machine; 6 kg capacity, Door Diameter: 300 millimeters; Door Opening Angle: 180 degree, 4 Spin Speed Options: No spin/400/600/800 RPM, Inverter direct drive technology, 6 Motion Technology: Scrubbing, rolling, stepping, swing, tumbling and filtration,

LG F80E3NDL2 is a fully automatic front-loading washing machine with a 6 kg capacity coming in a classic white colour. Fuzzy Logic Technology This washing machine uses an efficient fuzzy logic technology to sense the environment and the conditions in which the clothes are being washed. Once this is sensed, the machine then adjusts the wash cycle in accordance to the requirements of the moment and ultimately ensures that your clothes are washed in the most perfect manner. You can load in a lot of clothes in the washing machine with ease because of the 180 degree door opening angle imparted to the device. The door also has a large diameter of 300 mm. Baby Care Feature The baby care feature is another important attribute of this appliance. Using the baby care technology, you can be sure of the fact that your children’s clothes will be washed in hygienic conditions. Once you set the machine to the baby care mode, the temperature of the machine reaches to 95 degree Celsius. At this temperature, all the microbial particles and germs are thoroughly destroyed and the residue of the detergent is also completely removed from the clothes. Inverter Direct Drive This feature effectively increases productivity of the washing machine and also conserves energy. A direct drive basically means that there are no pulleys and belts in the system of the power transmission. Thus, no energy is dissipated in the process of imparting power. Because of this reason, the output of the washing machine per unit input is very high and in the long run the device therefore becomes very feasible for the user. Also, since there are lesser mechanical parts involved in the process of power transmission, there is less noise and vibration in the system which leads to an increase in the durability of the product. Further, this also decreases the weight of the washing machine. Rinse Hold Using the rinse hold system, the washing machine holds dirty clothes in the tub for an additional rinse cycle. This extra cycle proves to be very effective and useful to eliminate the odour that the clothes may otherwise possess. This system thus also makes sure that the freshness of the clothes is maintained. Other important features This appliance comes equipped with 4 spin speed options namely – no spin, 400, 600 and 800 RPM. The machine works with 6 motion technology which includes the functions of filtration, tumbling, scrubbing, stepping, rolling and swing. Some other features include jog dial program, durable heater and a smart diagnosis system. Carefully browse through the terms and conditions to check if the exchange offer is applicable for your city and location details. You can also check out our buying guide on washing machines for more clarity and information. If you have any queries regarding product availability, exchanges or any other issue, feel free to call our dedicated Toll-Free number: 1800-3000-9027 (Available from 8am to 11pm seven days a week). You can bag this product from Amazon Indiatoday

Lg T9003teelr Top-loading Washing Machine (8 Kg, Silver)
Lg T9003teelr Top-loading Washing Machine (8 Kg, Silver)
Fully automatic top-loading washing machine; 8 kg capacity, Child lock and fuzzy logic control, Innovative turbo drum technology, punch plus 3 pulsator and 3 step wash, Equipped with I-sensor technology, this intelligent washing machine, will always give you best wash clothes, Wool wash program,


Ease up your task of washing clothes with the silver LG 8 Kg T9003TEELR top loading washing machine. Equipped with I-sensor technology, this intelligent washing machine, will always give you best wash clothes. With FUZZY logic control, you only select FUZZY wash cycle and the washing machine automatically decides upon washing method. Its stainless steel drum works on innovative Turbo drum technology, which gives spick and span clothes and maintains their newness. Improvising the washing process is the punch +3 pulsator and 3 step wash. You can also choose between different programs and special programs. This washing machine comes with wash programs like jeans, wool, quick wash and FUZZY, and special programs like favourite, smart rinse, aqua reserve and tub clean. Equipped with health + filter and anti bacteria plastic filter, this LG top loading washing machine takes care of the hygiene, as well. Easy to use it comes with digital display panel, 10 water level selection, memory backup and transparent window. Other features include turbo soak, hot and cold water inlet and auto balance system. Durable and sturdy, this washing machine, comes with stainless steel tub and protects against stains and bad odor.


Enjoy clean and new clothes on every wash with this LG T9003TEELR top loading washing machine. It comes with Turbo Drum technology, which enables movement of the drum in the opposite direction of pulsator, giving better wash. With dual direction rotating drum, it gives you tangle free, clean and new clothes, on every wash. This innovative technology, also increases the durability of the washing machine, by reducing the risk of daily wear and tear. The Punch + 3 pulsator, ensures that detergent-rich water, properly penetrates inside the clothes fibre. It also produces micro currents, giving you better wash clothes. This best washing machine comes with 3-step wash, giving you best performance, and there is minimal tangling of clothes. With appropriate detergent, this best LG washing machine, can give you hand wash results, as well. Along with better wash, you will also get thoroughly rinsed clothes with this washing machine. It comes with waterfall circulation function, which enables uniform circulation of water. With air dry function, it sucks up air, and when the drum rotates, it blows the air with force. This helps in removing moisture from clothes, eliminating bad smell and bacteria, and facilitates quick drying of clothes.

Pampers You & Your Clothes

This best top loading washing machine pampers you and your clothes, everyday. Equipped with FUZZY logic control, the built-in sensor, automatically senses load capacity, detergent and water level, and decides upon wash program. After filling water, and putting clothes and detergent, only choose FUZZY wash program. It will automatically decide the washing method and give you best results. This LG T9003TEELR washing machine comes with intelligent I-sensor technology. To give the best results, it senses detergent quantity, assesses water hardness and temperature, and decides upon the wash cycle. Depending upon the washing environment and requirement this sensor, will automatically decide upon washing and rinsing cycle, giving you perfect wash clothes. It also features child lock and 3-48 hours delay start function. After putting the clothes for washing, choose child lock feature, and prevent your children from operating it. You can put the clothes for washing, select delay wash, and by the time you come home, you simply have to put them for drying. According to requirement you can also choose between hot, warm and cold temperature selection.


This LG T9003TEELR top loading washing machine silver can cater to requirements of everyone. With 8 kg load capacity, you can comfortably wash clothes ever day, as also on weekends, only, with fewer clothes. Designed to perform, this washing machine, comes with useful intelligent sensor technology, as well.

Lg T8067teelk Fully-automatic Top-loading Washing Machine (7 Kg, Black Knight)
Lg T8067teelk Fully-automatic Top-loading Washing Machine (7 Kg, Black Knight)
Top-loading washing machine, 7 kg capacity, 10 water level selection, Powerful washing with multi water flow, Turbo drum,

Order LG fully automatic washing machine to ease your laundry work.

If Top Loading washing machine is your choice then buy the model T7567TEELH by LG on Amazon India. This is a fully automatic washing machine which has latest features that makes your laundry works simpler. It has load capacity of 6.5 kgs that allows you to wash your clothes conveniently and is available in Middle Free Silver colour.

Latest stain removal technique: This model has jet spray technique that allows washing with stain removal at the time of rinsing. The technology used is that at the time of rinse cycle the tub spins fast and water is forcefully sprayed on the clothes from the top nozzle. This effectively penetrates into clothes and removes stains resulting in perfect wash. Water is efficiently used in the machine that results in cleaner laundry.

Enhances the durability of the clothes: The Punch plus 3 pulsator and Fuzzy logic control helps in giving your clothes the suitable washing required. The turbo drum technology takes care of the clothes apart from giving it the perfect wash. The drums that rotate in dual direction prevents the clothes from getting tangled. This technology ensures that the clothes stay fresh and new for longer time. The Turbo drum technology enables the movement of the drum in the opposite direction of the pulsator this efficiently doubles the washing action.

clothes free from odour: This washing machine has a smart filter which is an anti-bacterial plastic filter. The filter is durable, easy to use, hygienic and compact in design. The air dry system removes the moisture which makes the clothes free from bad odour and bacteria. This also enables the clothes to dry fast. The stainless steel tub is highly durable.

Once you buy the Washing Machine from Amazon India all you have to do is call LG at 1800-180-9999 directly and provide the model number of product and you can get the machine installed as well as request for a demo.

Lg P7255r3fa Semi-automatic Washing Machine (6.2 Kg,color Burgundy)
Lg P7255r3fa Semi-automatic Washing Machine (6.2 Kg,color Burgundy)
Semi-automatic washing machine; 6.2 kg capacity, 3 wash programs, Water Inlet: Cold; Wash Tub Capacity: 6.2 kilograms, Roller jet pulsator, Spin Tub Capacity: 5.5; Wash Timer: 15 minutes; Spin Motor: 260 watts; Spin Timer: 5 minutes; Wash Motor: 310 watts,

A free-standing installation, this top-load washing machine from LG comes with a 6.2 kg laundry load capacity and carries semi-automatic features. Overall, the machine delivers a good wash. It’s a light, shock proof and rust proof washing machine.

Wash programs for every types of fabric: This machine comes with three types of wash programs to suit different kinds of fabrics. The Normal mode has been assigned for regular clothes, whereas for silks and woollens, there is the Gentle mode. There is also a Strong mode, especially suited to wash bed and household linens or clothes with strong stains.

Specialized treatment for the collars and cuffs: The washing machine comes with a superior scrubbing technology that identifies the collars and cuffs, and scrubs them automatically during the washing. This way, the clothes receive special treatment without the user having to individually scrub each and every wear.

Roller jet pulsator for better quality of wash: The roller jet pulsators placed at the base of the drum ensure added friction to the clothes, thereby removing mites and dirt properly.

Punch action for better wash: The LG Semi Automatic Washing Machine features Punch+3 technology with one main pulsator aided by three mini pulsators. The punch action creates three distinct streams of water which leads the clothes move up and down inside the drum when getting washed. This way, not only the clothes are kept safe but they even get rid of the harshest stains.

Control against pests and rats: This Washing Machine is guarded by a strong 3 mm plastic cover that has special rat repellent chemical mixed with them. This allows the washing machine to be kept in any convenient place without having to think about rats or other pests damaging it.

No more loose threads to damage the pipes: There is a special detachable lint collector inside the drum that collects all the loose threads from the fabrics and prevents them from getting stuck to damage the machine’s pipe or hose.

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