Russell Hobbs Rhb 200 X Plastic Hand Blender

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AmazonRs: 1299
200 Watts Power, Plastic Body, Durable Quality, 700ml transparent blending jar, No spillage , Ultra Slim Body, Detachable Stem, Includes the blender, jar and manual, Convenient Cleaning, Feather light, Stainless steel blades, Extracting Facility, Uniform Speed,

This blender is easy to hold and feather light with ultra slim plastic finish body and has 3 stainless steel blades which are non infective to the food. It provides mincing feature that chops, minces and mashes the vegetables. It is made out of durable quality and avoids spillage. It is easy to clean as the stem can be detached. It functions at 100 Watt power with a uniform speed .The beater helps to beat the liquid It also provides facilities of chutney attachment and juicer extractor Materials of Housing. A 700 ml blending jar is included as well.

Brand : Russell Hobbs
MRP : 2245