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Crucial M550 256gb Sata M.2 Type 2280 Internal Solid State Drive Ct256m550ssd4
Crucial M550 256gb Sata M.2 Type 2280 Internal Solid State Drive Ct256m550ssd4
Load files and programs almost instantly and boot up almost immediately, Encrypt and protect personal data against loss or theft, 256 550 MB/s sequential reads, 500 MB/s sequential writes, 90k random reads, 80k random writes, Manage power so your battery lasts longer, Compatible with PC and Mac,

Do more. Faster. Longer. A breakthrough in innovation, the Crucial® M550 SSD is over 20 times faster than a typical hard drive* and consumes significantly less power. It enables your computer to boot up almost immediately, load files and programs almost instantly, accelerate demanding applications, and manage power so that your battery lasts up to 50 minutes longer. Backed by the most advanced feature set available - Native Write Acceleration, RAIN technology, Adaptive Thermal Protection, hardware-based encryption, and our exclusive data integrity algorithm - the Crucial M550 delivers a complete performance gain that's measured by far more than just specs. Consistently fast speeds. No exceptions. Every manufacturer has ideas about how to deliver better performance. Some use file compression schemes, but those don't help video, audio, or graphic files that are already compressed. Some steal system memory to improve a slow drive. The Crucial M550 treats all files the same, regardless of whether they're compressed or uncompressed, so the specs we advertise are the same ones you'll see in real world use: true 550 MB/s sequential reads across all file types.

Download large files in seconds, rather than minutes.

Our engineers are relentless and passionate about the products they create. To deliver consistently fast write performance, they developed a more efficient and dependable way to write data called Native Write Acceleration. This technology spreads the drive's workload across several elements, and links the controller, custom firmware, and flash storage components together, enabling you to achieve inherently faster downloads, saves, and file transfers.

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