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Ambrane Aq-880 8 Gb Tablet White
Ambrane Aq-880 8 Gb Tablet White
1 GB RAM, 5 MP Primary Camera | 0.3 MP Front, Google Android 4.4.2 (Kitkat), 8 inches Screen, Quad Core Processor with 1.3 GHz,

The Ambrane AQ-880 20.57 (8) quad core 3G calling tablet lets you browse the internet and enjoy multimedia experiences on-the-go. Utilizing the ever expanding library of Android Applications, this tablet ensures seamless capabilities within a sleek and trendy body. Ambrane AQ-880 8 Inch Quad Core 3G Calling Tablet has hit the market with a lot more features than simply a 3G Calling Tablet. Taking the best from both tablet and PC, it combines the features of being an entertainment Devices, an Internet Tablet, a book reader and a whole lot more. Ambrane AQ-880 8Inch Quad Core 3G Calling Tablet is a fully featured Tablet Phone with FM Radio. AQ-880 fabricated by quad core processor with 1.3 GHz frequency. With having quadcore processor in AQ-880 lets your tablet do more stuff simultaneously and more efficiently quadcore processor delivering up to five times the performance of dual core processor. It favors smoothness of the multi tasking, loading of the web pages done faster, resource intensive apps will have better performance , more responsive and seamless scrolling can be done efficiently. Multitasking, Ease of notification, featured with diverse phone option with Android 4.4.2 operating system. Capacitive touch screen Easy to use with no extra tools required, Low effort touch and swipe actions are easy to learn and control, Responsiveness is currently superior in most every way except Pressure level accuracy. Processor AQ-880 fabricated by quad core processor with 1.3 GHz frequency. Memory AQ-880 construed with 1GB DDRIII assembled RAM, 8 GB storage on-board Nand flash memory, and micro SD support of 32GB.

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