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True Elements Gluten-free Steel-cut Oats 500g
True Elements Gluten-free Steel-cut Oats 500g
It's very rich in fibre and minimally processed and as compared to normal oats in the market, these oats have a low glycemic index, It's gluten free, contains several antioxidants and it's an excellent protein rich breakfast option, Oxygen absorbent for extra freshness, It contains essential minerals like iron and calcium,

True Elements offers a range of high-quality snacks and supplements that are inspired by natural foods consumed by our ancestors, with a unique combination of taste and innovation.


Our products are inspired by natural foods consumed by our forefathers. Our entire product range is a result of our ever quenching effort to get back to the original palate.


Our select range of snacks and supplements are modified and packed uniquely to suit the modern palate.


Our steel-cut oats are 100% natural with absolutely no nasties added. They are also certified gluten-free and can be enjoyed by people with gluten sensitivity.


These are minimally processed and full of soluble fibre which keeps a check on your cholesterol levels and keeps your heart healthy.


Our steel-cut oats are hand-picked to ensure highest quality. They retain their grainy texture post-cooking and have a slightly chewy yet wholesome texture. They aren’t soupy and boring, they are nutty with a unique crunch.


Life is short. Let’s have fun. But let us rewind and learn from our seniors. Let get back to where we belong to, let’s get back to our elements, let’s get back to our…….True Elements !!

About the Startup

Describe your product in 3 words.

Ancient. Tasty. Innovative

How did you come up with the idea for this product?

Modern day lifestyle and cultural globalization have had its contribution in the food which we have today. Food that our ancestors had, has been lost over the years and the health & nutrition went out with it. Ironically, people from one of the oldest known civilizations, Harappan Civilization, seem to be having, what we call supplements today, as part of their diet in the most natural manner. They consumed plants, seeds, nuts and leaves as part of their diet in their rawest form either fresh or dried. They consumed these tasty nutritious food for intrinsic health and performed Yoga asanas for overall wellness. Today, continuous effort in Product Innovation & Taste Enhancement has taken us too far from their foods and we no longer recognize and consume the agricultural produce the way our forefathers understood. Thus, we decided to bring back those foods, packed and modified for the current generation!

What makes your product special?

The fact that our products bring back the foods that were anciently consumed in the most natural form is what makes us special. Grains like black rice, bamboo rice, quinoa have been consumed for centuries as the staple food. Similarly, seeds were consumed as a snack since the Harappan times. Honey, for which we have different variants like that of Ginger, Neem, and Acacia, has been used since primitive times both as a condiment and for medicinal purposes. Then, our Tea variants are inspired by the ancient Chinese Tea culture. We have been constantly innovating to bring our products to you in their most natural form. Even the seasonings we use are developed especially using the ground form of all natural spices and herbs. Our intent has always been to be authentic and customer centric and our aim is to be the most trusted Health Brand in the country.

What has been the best part of your startup experience?

Our best part of our startup experience is hearing about our products from consumers and about the company from family members of our employees.

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