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Dry Fruit Hub Dried Apricot Seedless(sukha Khubani) - Pack Of 500 Grams
Dry Fruit Hub Dried Apricot Seedless(sukha Khubani) - Pack Of 500 Grams
Being an excellent source of iron, dried apricots are extremely beneficial in fighting anemia., Appreciable portions of pectin present in dried apricots help treat constipation. This happens because of cellulose present in pectin that helps maintain water levels and help prevent conditions like constipation., In pregnancy, dried apricots can be used as herbal medicine. What dried apricots can do is help prevent spasms, hemorrhage, and infertility. Dried apricots are also beneficial for curing vaginal infections., Dried apricots can be used for stimulating digestion. However, for this, dried apricots need to be consumed well before a meal. The alkali present in dried apricots helps provide these benefits to you.,

Dried apricots are extremely nutritious and can therefore immensely benefit your overall health. Dry Fruit Hub uses the natural drying processes to remove the water content of apricots so you are able to enjoy all the nutrients that come along with it. Our superior quality dried apricots are perfect for everybody in the family. Whether it is children, men, or women, dried apricots can benefit all. When you buy dried fruits online through us you can be sure of its quality and usefulness.

As is with other dried fruits, dried apricots can be consumed directly or can be used with other items for preparing interesting dishes.

Dried apricots need to be stored in a cool and dry place. Once the packet is opened, make sure to transfer the dried apricots in a heavy-duty plastic bag or sealed airtight container.

Dry Fruit Hub Walnuts Kernels (akhrot) Premium
Dry Fruit Hub Walnuts Kernels (akhrot) Premium
Walnuts are high on antioxidants, which enables them to promote heart health by destroying free radicals, Vitamin B7 or biotin present in walnuts promotes hair health. Therefore, if you have been suffering from issues like hair fall or want to improve hair strength, consider eating including walnuts in your diet, Eating walnuts helps induce sleep because of the presence of a compound called melatonin., Premium Selected Quality Walnuts are excellent for weight management programs, Helps prevent pancreatic cancer Products needs to be refrigerated once opened.,

Walnuts without Shell (Akhrot) Premium Walnuts with Shell Super About:- There is only one place where you can buy shelled walnuts online that is not just affordable but also healthy for the whole family - Dry Fruit Hub. Our walnuts with shell (super) are of premium quality and will offer you and your family with lots of nutrients. Furthermore, our walnuts are flexible in that they can be used for different purposes. Health Benefits • Eating walnuts is very beneficial for those with heart problems as they contain amino acid l-arginine. • Walnuts are rich in omega-3 fat alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) that helps prevent pathological blood clot formation. They also have anti-inflammatory properties. • Walnuts have cancer fighting properties. • Walnuts are a rich source of antioxidants that help prevent the side-effects of free radicals. Therefore, in eating walnuts regularly, you can control age-related deterioration problems Usage:- You can experiment a lot with walnuts. For example, you can blend them with bananas to make a filling that can be used on a French toast. You can even serve walnuts with wild mushroom, sweet onion, and parmesan as a unique salad. You can even have them combined with dates, cinnamon and yogurt to make a smoothie.

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