Nourish Organics Amaranth Muesli, 300g

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Ingredients: amaranth (24%) honey (16%) raisins (14%) sunflower seeds (7%) almonds (11%) walnuts (10%) cashew nuts (10%) dates,figs,strawberries,maple syrup,vanilla powder,cinnamon,wheat, A breakfast that is a powerhouse of goodness and a scrumptious start to your day., Enjoy with milk or yoghurt,

A wholesome breakfast cereal that is totally organic, it imbibes the goodness of amaranth, a superfood credited to have rich antioxidant properties. It also helps keep cholesterol and blood pressure in check. With blood purifier and red blood cell boosting capabilities, it is a necessary nutritive addition to every woman's diet.The amaranth muesli breakfast cereal tastes great with its alluring cinnamon and vanilla flavor. Rich in proteins and iron, this cereal also includes dates, walnut, raisins and cashews. Make your family's breakfast the most important meal of the day with this nutritious and wholesome breakfast cereal.

Brand : Nourish Organics
MRP : 400