Four policemen Killed while Patrolling in IED explosive Jan 7 2018 12:51 PM |
Jammu and Kashmir: Four policemen from Indian Reserve Police-3rd battalion on patrol duty were killed on Saturday in an improvised IED explosive device blast by militants in a market in Sopore township of J&K.

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Local New Delhi: Supreme Court orders Centre to seize Dawood Ibrahim's properties Apr 20 2018 2:58 PM | New Delhi NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court (SC) today ordered the Centre to seize wanted terrorist and underworld don Dawood Ibrahim's properties.An SC bench headed by Justice R K Agrawal dismissed a plea filed by the underworld don's family against the attachment of his properties in Mumbai.Last November, three south Mumbai properties belonging to the fugitive don were auctioned for Rs 11.58 crore. The properties were put on auction by the ministry of finance, under the Smugglers and Foreign Exchange Manipulators (Forfeiture of Property) Act. The three properties were theHotel Raunaq Afroz, also known as Delhi Zaika, Shabnam Guest House and six rooms in Damarwala building. Read more..
Local Madhya Pradesh: Mini Truck Falls off bridge, atleast 20 Dead, Many Injured Apr 18 2018 9:15 AM | Madhya Pradesh MADHYA PRADESH: In the mini truck, a group of people were headed for a wedding in Sidhi, about 570 KM from Bhopal. when the driver lost control over the vehicle and goes over Son river in Sidhi, and nosediving into the dry riverbed, at least 20 people were killed and 30 others injured, police said.Passersby informed the police and rescue teams rushed to the spot. The injured were admitted to the district hospital. The police say the casualties might go up as people were still trapped inside the vehicle. Read more..
Local Parents Deal with Rapist Family to Withdraw her Daughter Case in Rs.20 Lacs Apr 17 2018 9:21 AM | Delhi Delhi: In a shocking revelation made by a 18-year-old woman who raped by two men in 2017, “They had kidnapped me after which they raped me and left me at an abandoned spot,” a police official quoted the girl as saying, after both accused were arrested, One of them, out on interim bail, after accused parents approached the girl’s parents and offered them Rs 20 lakh if they could convince their daughter to change her statement and withdraw the case, parents agreed to offer and asked for advance money so that they could start working on convincing the girl, but girl not accepting this and flee to police station and tell the whole story, Victim's mother was arrested but father escaped. Read more..
Local पति ने अपने पत्नी को सेलिंग से लटका के बेल्ट से पीटा और उसका वीडियो बना के शेयर किया Apr 17 2018 8:30 AM | Uttar Pradesh यह घटना उत्तर प्रदेश के सहजहांपुर की है जहाँ एक पति ने अपनी पत्नी ५०००० रुपए अपने घरवालों से मांगने के लिए कहाँ ऐसा न करने पर पति ने पत्नी को ग़ुस्से में आकर मारा और ऊपर सेलिंग से बांध के लटका दिया और अपने बेल्ट बहुत पीटा उसके बाद उसका वीडियो बनाकर उसके घर वालों भेज दिया और उनको डराकर पैसे वसूल ले | पुलिस को जैसे ही घटना का पता चला उसने आरोपी को अपने हिरासत में ले लिया | पुलिस ने Dowry Prohibition act में पति के ऊपर केस रजिस्टर किया है | महिला का कहना है की में अनपढ़ हूँ इसलिए ऐसी मेरी हालत है मेरी लाइफ ख़राब हो गयी है | Read more..
Local Mecca Masjid case: Judge Quits After Give Verdict all five Accused are Acquits from Case Apr 17 2018 8:04 AM | Hyderabad Mecca Masjid case: Hyderabad's special National Investigation Agency (NIA) court judge K Ravinder Reddy resigning on Monday, hours after he acquitted all five men, including Swami Aseemanand, Devendra Gupta, Lokesh Sharma, Rajender Chowdhary, Bharat Mohanlal Rateshwar in the high-profile Mecca Masjid blast case in lack of evidence. In this blast, nine people had been killed and 58 hurt when a pipe bomb ripped through the historic mosque in Hyderabad on May 18, 2007. Five others had been killed later as police opened fire to quell a rioting mob. Read more..
Local Sex for Exam Marks, Assignment, Degree, Money College Teacher Luring Girls Students in Tamil Nadu University Apr 17 2018 7:46 AM | Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu: Nirmala Devi Maths Professor has been teaching at Virudhnagar university for a decade has been accused of tacitly asking undergraduate students to provide sexual favors to university officials in return for financial and academic rewards. After the incident come to light college administration asked the police to investigate the matter after an audio clip, allegedly of her conversation with four undergraduate students, was widely circulated in the social media yesterday.In the recorded conversation, she is heard promising students "good support financially and academically". The students were advised not to inform anyone, but the caller said, "It is up to you if you'd do this with the knowledge of your parents or otherwise. If you tell, we can plan accordingly... we can open an account and deposit the money that comes in".

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Local Indian Army Soldier Join Terrorist Group Hizbul Mujahideen Posted a Photo Viral on Internet in J&K Apr 16 2018 8:29 PM | Jammu & Kashmir Jammu & Kashmir: Mir Idrees Sultan, who was posted in the Army's J&K Light Infantry (JAKLI) unit, joined Hizbul Mujahideen yesterday, a police official said.The official said Mir joined the group along with two locals who had also been missing.However, the Army maintains that he is "missing" and has no confirmation about his joining the terror outfit. Read more..
Local Delhi Police Arrest 19-year-old Fake Doctor who work as AIIMS Doctor for five Months Apr 16 2018 7:21 PM | Delhi Delhi: Delhi Police shock when arrest 19-year-old Khurram a medical aspirant who posed as AIIMS doctor for five months, In an intriguing case, a 19-year-old Class X pass-out managed to pose as a doctor at AIIMS-Delhi for as long as five months, till he was nabbed Saturday.Police were surprised by his knowledge of medicine as well as doctors at AIIMS.They still aren't sure why Adnan Khurram did it, but suspect he was trying to get faster treatment for his cancer-diagnosed sister.According to Hindustan Times, the accused, Adnan Khurram, has been falsely claiming to be a doctor at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences for over five months. Khurram reportedly managed to attend events like marathons and strikes meant exclusively for AIIMS doctors. He even managed to befriend doctors and medical students across departments using his fake identity. Read more..
Local Kashmir: Protest across nation against Kathua Rape Case, SC court direct to give protection to victim families Apr 16 2018 6:54 PM | Jammu & Kashmir Kathua Rape Case: Agitation and protest across Kashmir and other parts of the country against Kathua rape and murder, The trial at the court of Chief Judicial Magistrate in Kathua in the Kathua rape and murder case were postponed today to April 28. The Supreme Court has issued directions to the local Jammu and Kashmir government authorities to provide protection to victim family and their counsel. According to the charge sheets filed by the crime branch, the abduction, rape and killing of the Bakerwal girl was part of a carefully planned strategy to remove the minority nomadic community from the area. Read more..
Local Kerala: Body of two-day-old baby flushed down in Clinic toilet bowl Apr 16 2018 7:40 AM | Kerala Kerala: Dr Abdul Rehman when called the plumber on Friday after discovering an obstruction in the toilet bowl. Plumbers, who were trying to clean the passage noticed something similar to a ball, but they were stunned to see a newborn’s body, with the placenta still attached in the duck, as per the Police.. The investigating officers suspect that the baby was brought into the clinic for consultation but was flushed down the toilet bowl. Read more..
Local डेटिंग साइट पे कैसे एक बेंगलुरु के व्यापारी को Rs.60 lacs रुपये का चुना लगा Apr 15 2018 3:51 PM | Bengaluru बेंगलुरु के एक ३४ साल के व्यापारी नाम सुरेश ने साइबर सेल में कम्प्लेन की है , पिछले कुछ दिनों से एक ऑनलाइन डेटिंग साइट में एक औरत से चैटिंग करता था धीरे धीरे लम्बी चैट के बाद वह दोनों फोनो नंबर एक्सचेंज करके मोबाइल से बात कर ने लगे बाद में व्हाट्सप्प से भी चाट करने लगे पर कुछ दिन पहले लड़की ने व्यापारी से अपने पिता के इलाज के लिए पैसा माँगा | इस दौरान व्यापारी ने करीब Rs 19 lakh रुपाली मजूमदार और Rs 40.7 lakh to कुशन मजूमदार अकाउंट में डाला। पर जब अर्पिता ने कॉल करना और मैसेज का जवाब देना बंद कर दिया तब ससुरेश को समज आया की वह लूट चूका है | पुलिस अभी इस मामले की जाँच कर रही है | Read more..
Local Gujarat Surat: Minor Girl Rape Body Found in Stadium, Raped, tortured for 8 days Apr 15 2018 1:03 PM | Gujarat Gujarat Rape case: Another incident reported this morning in Gujarat Surat were a minor girl's body found in Bhestan cricket stadium.The post-mortem of the body revealed that the girl was raped and tortured for at least eight days before being strangled to death, according to The Free Press Journal. It appeared that most injuries were caused by a wooden weapon.The girl has not been identified and her body has not been claimed yet, Ganesh Govekar, forensic head, Civil Hospital, told ANI, "The girl's body had 86 injury marks including on her private parts. Samples have been taken for forensic test to ascertain whether she was drugged or not." Read more..